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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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orioles will face... the orioles put themsslves in this position by winning over tampa bay last night on this home run from chris davis... tonight, they go n one game behind the yankees...if new york loses and the orioles playoff tomorrow hereein basicaly breaks down like this for the oriiles win tonight,,and there will be p playoff game here..lozse and they take to the road... the a's and rangerssare playyng right now to determine the al west and a potential tell you how that's going in l just a few minutes in sports. you know it's a big game tonight.... by the looks of any bar that has a t-v screenn screen.janice park is streammng live at mother's in federal hill, where fans are getting ready for this very important game... janice? fiist time made playoffs since
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1999.playoffs since first time made first time made playoffs pince 1997.packed...finall ame of the regular season. game or the o' are hoping the o's win toniiht...the yankees lose... goon from no postseason since potentially hosting theeyankkes here tomorrow for the american league east title.
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the body of a missing baltimorr county woman is discovered by a group of volunteers cleaning p a city p. park.62-year-old mary tissale was reported missing on seetember 20th..e spoke with her family last week during theirrdesperaae search to find her.they said she suffered from dementia and walked away from an assisted living &pfacility in woodlawnnher bbdy was founn saturday in leakin members say she died from hypotheemia.. bullying may be at the cenner of a stuuent's stabbing earlier ttis eek in &pbaltimore ity. city. crime and justice reporter joy lepola... at central booking... tells us.... this doee not appear to be a random act of violence. joy? that's whht darrell johns' attorrey told a few hours ago following his client's bail review here at central booking. johns is being held without
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bail afterrbeing charged with attempted first egree mmrder. on monday, police ay ohns stabbed a fellow student. during the teen's baal review, we heard how ullying maa have led the student to take a 3 inch knife to school. 8:44:17 mr johnsswas subjecttd to 30 to 35 incident over the paat month where this grrup of ndividuals was coming after him and tte issue pecomes whether or not thh school failed mr. johns in this instance because he and his mmther did notify the schoollthht this was going on ::3 33 tomorrow johns' ttorney will point. today's bail review so johns' defense could gather regarding this alleged the mayor joy lepola fox 45 3 the mayor responds to
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cootrrversy over the death of a man in police custody. &pafter he was arrested last week in east baatimore. thee &ppedical examiner ruled anderson's death a homicide...the result of bbunt force tramma wwunds, including broken ribs and a ruptured spleenn oday theemayor pesponded to connerns from anderson's family his death is another xample of ongoing prrblems with police brutality 6:49:32"therr is going to bb zerr tolerance for abuse, we expect every eecounter between the commuuity and the police to be respectful." ressectful." police say they are still federal agents worked with harford couuty police to shut down a angeroos drug gang that haa ties to dealees along two dozen arrests come after a covert wire tapping investigaaion.. kathleen. kathleen. -as live lead-"here in the edgewood village neighborhood these siggs are pooping upp everywhhre residdnts here tell drugs the gangs and the
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violence so theyyare moving jusstmade a major they have - bust..involving 21 peoppe and &pthey are hoping itssmade this &pneighborhood safer."---pkg insert----edgewood village is a quiet community filled with &pfamilies... it also was h cenner of a major ffdeeal wire tapping investigation that up a suspected major drug ng - gang. residents are well awaae off he violence. (susan luu)"i heard thissboom boom breaking into my home but it y was a drive by shooting" susan luu says it's has many reeidents terrified,, heyy hope he bust will bring about ccange. (wide two shot)"we have got to make aastand" 3 psusan close)"we dont need this in ur neighborhood" (susan luu)"if you dont speak up hen hese people will ruin the community"---s live tag-- "while some people areestill
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say they have dismantted one of the largest drug and gang five." 3pa new grant from the justice department will help baltimore county fight intellectual propertt crime. 3 u.s. attorney general eric holdee made the announcement today at towson univerriiy, where dozens of counterfeit goods wwre on display. baltimore county police and prosecutors aar gettinggnearly 124-thousand dollarr to enforce intellectuaa prooerty laws.the money will go toward hhring officers to invesitgate such criies .... and purchasing new surveillance "we have seen far too often, thht i-p crimes are not victtmless. not only can they devastate individual lives, and legitimate businesesses, &pthey also undermine ourr stability."ancial stability." baltimore county ii among 13 pooice ddpartments receiiing a total of 2.4 million dollars in grants. no sitting in the carpool line.... kids across the coontry walked home from school today.
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p3 the sidewalks were crowded elementary in nnrtteast lton - baltimore.tte school teamed up with the university of maryland children's hospitall teachingg tudents how to follow ttaffic's ddy..... an annual initiative to reduce traffic deaths. "it's an issue because pedestrian injuries nd deaths for children under 18 are still a big issuee although our nnmbers have gone down in the pastt10 years, on average, about 500 kids die each year as aaresult of being pedeetriin" pedestrians." walk to school day is a national event.... with aasinkhole has shut down a acro street in little italy. italy.we shot this video of albemarle between styles and fawn earlier you can see, a ssnkhole abouu the size of a car opened up in the ssreet.this section of no word on when the sinkholee will be fixed... oo when thh road will reooen. 3how is traffic looking with that sinkhole and other
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road??randd proctor haa our traffic edge report. report. mapbelairfibermap395map pn extra ccarge onnyoor b-g-e pill?new tonight on fox 45
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news at 5:30...what the charge 3an expect on your a speech deliveree by presidenttobamm more than five years ago is getting a lot of pttention tonight... just hours beforr the first presidential debate.whaa people are sayiig about the un-edited portions. it's only been a couple ppone 5 could become old news. the ánewá pple gadget... ttat's about to steal the 3 --adblib weatter tz-- -3 the president and mitt
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romney ill take the stage in just about four hours. the country's future, specifically our domestic policy will be the focus of this first debate. all &peyes are on denver and voters from both candidates.ffanswers 3 piim looking for actual plans. i want to know what the &pcandidates are going to do, when they are going to do it, and hy they are going to do it." "i'd like to hear each pandiddte's plan to limit thh costs of healthcare ."" you can watch thh debate starting live right here on fox 45 at nine tonight. anddhere's ourrquestion of the . dayywill thh presiienttal ddbates help you decide who to vote for in november? novvmber?aprii writesson our facebbok ppge...."anyone who is seriously undeciddd is seriously an idiot." writes..."no. because i'm not voting for eithhr of thee." them."a lot of response on
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this question already... and many people ay they havv already mmae up their minds. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebbok. send us a tweet... at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 a speech delivered by attention tonight. jeff -3 have heard the speech...until - now, jeff.... for quite awhile, viewers have been able to go online and watch edited porrions from the presidents speech.... but its the un--dited segments thattare getting a lot of attention tonight. ttey were posted early this morning on the daily caller, aaconnervative website. during the speechh to a mostly african american audience at hampton university, the then "senator" of failing to ive the same viccims of hurricane kaarina in new it did for dissster viccims in other c. cities. 3 (4:22) (obama) "whats
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&phappening in new orreans wherrs your dollar...makee no sense carr abouu as muuh......" crittcs complain the president was suggesting the ggveenment had maliciously discriminated against new orleans. the obama campaign ssys the video is merely a deeperate attempt to inflame voters...just hours before he debate.. jeef to see more oo president baltimore ot com and click on you can watch the presidential debate tonightton fox45 starttng at 9 p-m.and you can facebook dot com slash that also starts at nine. bate.
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a new child abuse law in delaware has some paaents objecting. one phrase in the law... whichhdefines physical injury to a child as any impaarment of physical condition or pain....the delaware family policc ouncil calls it a ban on parental spanking.but the attorney general says thh old laww peeded to be changed... because it was difficult to prosecute cases where a child was toooyoung to speak.some parents believe... the law is just too subjective. :32 "whee you think about it, if i have a two-year-oll and my two-year-old reaches up for something very hott////cut this part/// and i reach oot and i swat that little two-year-old's hand ///cut this part/// according to the way this ill is written that i could be punishable for a t - whole year in prison." proponents of the law say spanking is allowed if t's reesonabbe.. or moderate. a recall... involving a popular brand of popcorn.what
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your fammly safe... coming up. 3 3--adblib weather tz-- anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home.
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with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. starting this season... the weather channel will assign namee to winter stooms... just pike they do with hhrricanes. the move is part of an effort tt raiseeawareness ann to get more people to plan ahead.the 2012/2013 name list tarts with athena... nd ends with zeus.. --- react to sttry ---wet out
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morning but the sun peaked thrrugh early and the day has just gotten warmer. chief meteorologist vytas reid...
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when ews breaks.. yyu caa access the latest inffrmation right on your cell phone. download the fox45 mobile news it includes i-phone. - headlines.. traffic.. and weather condittons.. all aa yyur fingertips. go to foobaltimore dot com and look for "mmbile" at top righthand a newwgrading system for baltimorr restaurants has some owners upset.what the gradds 3 facebook making some changes to help customers.what part of the social netwookinn site... is getinn a makeover.
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if you're pregnant and have high blooddpressure... it may affect your child's thinking pife.researccers studiee nearly four hundred men.these men had theirr hinking abilittes tested at age twenty.. and agaii ii their &plaae sixties.the men whose mothers had high blood prrssure whileepregnant... sccred lower on these tests than those whose moms dii not have it. 216-232"this shows that there are long-term effects of having high blood pressure in pregnancy. we mostly have been thinking that it's just a short-term affect on the baby while it'ssin utero, but here is a situation where it affects the offspring long after the regnancy is overr" over."wooen with no risk factors hould cheek theirr blood pressure once a year. baltimore restauraats may soon havv to display letter rades based on theii peeformance in city health inspections. legislation that would create a graaing system nd online database of scheduled to be reviewed today
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by ccty heaath officials.the baltimore sun reports that all members of the city council haae signed on as ponssrs of thh bill.representatives of the state's restaurant industry and some restaurant owners say tte policy could dale and thomas popcornnis voluntarily recalllnn bags of its flaaored, ready-to-eat iidiana-brand products. the f-d-aasays there is concern about a possible listeria contaminatioo.the recallld popcorn bags were distributed after august 8th and have "bbst by" dates of febbuary 4, just weeks after the i-phone 5 hit stores... apple ii gearing pp for another big unveiling. unveiling.according to "fortune magazine"... a ew, smaller versiin of the i-pad will soon be releasedd invitations to the unveeling are exppcted to go out next week.ii thaa's the case... the 8-inch screen tablee could hit stores in time for the poliday shopping season. facebook is iving its help center... a makeever.thh social networking site says
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&pthe new changes will mmke it easiir for users to find whatt they're lookinggfor.changes includd thingg like a "see what's newwon facebook" feature .. and "support dashboard"... which allows any complaints they make to the site. an extra chhrge on yoou b-g-e bill?new tnightton fox 45 will elp with and what you ge can expeet on your bill. 3 and a baltimore fire company set to shut down... will stay open after all.what &pled to the change n plans. 3 --adbbib weather tz--
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a baltimore fire companyyttat was supposed to close - is now goinn to stay open, indefinitely.the mayorrchanged
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her mind after find more budget.melinda roeder is live from truck ten's fire house in west baltimore to explain... truck ten was one off hree fire commanies slated for pllsure when the city's budget was slashed.the other two did close... but truck ttn - proved to be too necessary to cut. and luckily - money the mayor made the decision this week tt kkep truck ten up and running...afterrher office discovvred one-point-four million dollars in unbudgetted revenue. that money caae from the taxee and fees ccllectedd on this year - and last year's grand prix race.even though the race lost money - promoters paid the city in fulllfor what it was may recall, truck ten was supposed to clooe back inn june. but big storms extended its operations. union leaders fought to keep it going - arguing it was one of the busiest trucks ii the city and that any more cuts in service would have critical impact


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